Advising corporates on strategic communications & business development, moderating complex multi-stakeholder processes and coaching executives worldwide

Assignments include:


  • Sparring & coaching top executives (entrepreneurs, CEOs, CxOs, Department Heads, Civil Leaders) of international organizations (amongst others China, France, Germany, USA) on (personal) growth strategy, executive positioning & transition


  • Steering & Moderating the strategy development process with shareholders, executive management and multiple stakeholders of a German engineering corporation (turnover p.a.: > 70bn EUR)


  • Navigating communications during transition process from public to private sector of the President of a German Federal Agency


  • Building up Thought Leader brand ‘Cyber Security’ for private International Partnership (turnover p.a.: > 40bn USD)


  • Positioning the US/international leading executive-search- and HR-management-firm in German media and business networks (turnover p.a.: > 2bn USD, NYSE)


  • Setup an investor brand within manufacturing industry in D/A/CH


  • Building networks for a consulting boutique within specific multiplier groups: banks, PE/VC, accountants


  • Enabling and training management and staff of an international services provider in Storytelling (turnover p.a.: > 2,5bn USD, NYSE)


  • Positioning an international renowned academic in German media

Christian Pfeiffer is an Independent Strategic Advisor and Executive Coach based in Düsseldorf, Germany. He works with Organizations and Senior Executives on building up visibility, increasing reputation and enabling growth. His clients include entrepreneurs and founders, CEOs, investors, public officials, academics and further opinion leaders from countries including Germany, USA, China and India.


He is an Alumnus of Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute, Haas School of Business, and Georgetown Leadership Seminar, Walsh School of Foreign Service. He was appointed Young Leader to Atlantik-Brücke and the Federation of German Industries (BDI). Christian Pfeiffer studied Politics, Economics and History at Osnabrück University and Vesalius College Brussels and earned the ‘Europa Förderpreis’, founded by the President of the European Parliament, for his master’s thesis.


The Dusseldorf Chapter of the Altstipendiaten of Konrad Adenauer Foundation he serves as Co-Chairman. Christian Pfeiffer is a member of nonprofit and nonpartisan Berlin based organization Global Bridges, member of Düsseldorfer Kreis für Transformation und Restrukturierung and Wirtschaftsclub Düsseldorf. He is a supporter of Nepal-Hilfe Kaarst (part of Deutsch-Nepalesische Gesellschaft) that creates access for more than 100 destitute children to education and shelter in one of the poorest countries in the world.

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